in a couple of days i'll be taking benny to the vet for a scheduled vaccination.
i'll take advantage of the occasion to ask the vet what is needed to take benny abroad, since me and tó plan to start our working life outside of portugal, even though we still haven't found any job...
i really can't fathom the idea of leaving benny behind, specially since he's been my only companion (apart from tó) since i've started living by myself. he's been in my life for more than five years and i hope he does for many more.

has anyone ever taken a cat or any other pet to a different country? do you know what needs to be done before leaving?


  1. yes, i would not have left the country if i was not able to take my cat (and rabbit with me) either. the only thing i remember is that he needed some sort of vaccination, and they gave him this sort of animal passport :D very cute and all :)
    But maybe that was because we were leaving europe... and in your case this might be unnecessary, i am not sure.

    still love that pic :)

    good luck!

  2. I haven't taken Tove abroad yet... but, if I don't go wrong, when it comes to cats and dogs you just need to have a regular vaccination booklet plus you have to have the passport for pets - as Catho says up here.

    do you know yet where will you be going?
    or are you going to choose based on the jobs you can find?

  3. if that's all i need to do i'll be glad! i really thought it would involve a lot more stuff...

    i don't know yet... right now we're aiming at switzerland or england/scotland (the last two would be just because of the language). if that doens't work we'll try northern europe... but the language will be tricky to learn :(

  4. shame i have not had any experiences... so good luck xx


  5. I hope everything will be alright and you'll take your cat with you :)