when we went to fontainebleau (and it tooks us more than a year to finally go there!), i knew i was taking a lot of photos of the same structure in the lake. i just thought it was so beautiful... with the perfect setting of the lake, the trees behind and the sweet little row boats around.
but i didn't realize it was almost all i shot.

i think it's interesting to see how many different views and tones you can get from the same thing :)


a photographic memory from rouen

this weekend has been quite the excursion
on saturday we finally went to chateau fontainebleau and walked in it's gardens for hours and hours... it really is that beautiful!

and today we went to visit an alvar aalto house - maison louis carré- just outside of paris.
it envolved a train ride and then 8km of walking just ot get there... but it was certainly worth it! 
it was the first time i've ever seen one of his works in person, and it left us (me and tó) wanting to visit his works in the north of europe this summer.

in the meantime, here are som photos from rouen:

p.s. - that white cat on the window was literally the first thing we sawn when arriving to the city center and it was a nice welcome gift :)