finally the sun is shinning my way (or maybe it is the reflection in the snow...) and we've found our new apartment. the contract is signed! 
it's a really nice studio in montreuil. and we're moving and buying things all this week :)

the last few days i've been enjoying the white snow, and walking on it for the first time since i was a little kid.
but it's a bit anoying when it comes to moving. using public transports is not an easy task. and i still have to master walking on it without slipping!


i have arrived from portugal on the 29th (where i did nothing but relax), tired and with yet another luggage... it seems we have more and more suff by the day. i wonder if we'll have space to store it all in the new appartment.

we're still trying to find a new place, and having a hard time doing it... it feels like paris is the hardest place to rent an apartment!
but i'm trying to think positive - we still have some time, and when we do get it, i'm sure life will be better :)

in the meantime though, here are some photos i took in provins.
it feels good to look at these and remember easier times :)

*i hope you had a nice start on 2013*