today i spent the whole day sending out portfolios through email.
i noticed a lot of nice architecture offices in little villages of italy.
and because i didn't know where they were, i google-earth them, and they looked like switzerland.
 like switzerland in my dreams :)
little picturesque villages surrounded by mountains, near beautiful lakes.
i hope to have the oppurtunity to go to (and live in) a place like that soon!

they also reminded me of little treasures from my rome trips.


happy birthday to sara*

a friend throughout college, and the girl who made me love photography :)
she's the kind of girl that everyone loves, and the most photogenic person i know.
have a very happy birthday!

*meet her here and here*


mean ducks

in the midst of delivering portfolios throughout the city, we had lunch in the park. a picknick is always a beautiful thing :)
today however, the (many) geese and swans around us were specially feisty and mean. 
they launched at us and we were almost attacked three or four times. running away from angry duck felt really stupid...


my trusted 6 and 1/2 year old laptop has finally failed me.
a couple of days ago the screen became an exhibition of colorful vertical lines and sometimes a dislocated overlay of the entire screen.
so, unfortunately it had to be replaced.

with transfering all the needed programs and files, i looked back at some of the first photographs i took with film cameras.
i really loved my minolta... i think she deserverves a second chance :) 


my dear friend silvia mentioned she'd like us to visit drave before the summer.
i think i'll rush her plan to a very near future.
from my last visit there, i can remember the hike to reach it was absolutely stunning (although a little painfull on the way back), and the little lagoon delicious on such a hot day.
oh, i miss it...


the sun has come back and it feels like spring.
it's time to go out and meet some bunnies again!

it's astonishing how sun or the lack thereof can mess with your mood. everything in life seems better under a sunny day. at least for me :)



these were the first wodden windmills i had ever seen.
they were beautiful by themselves but, like most times, the scenery around them made that trip extra special.
nothing lifts my mood like road trips! it's amazing to see the landscape changing, taking  smaller roads as opposed to freeways and being able to stop everytime you see something that catches your eye. reaching the place intended with the trip is just the cherry on the cake.


one fo those days

today has been one of those days where nothing seems to go right...
a malfunctioning 3d software and a slow old laptop, a grey sky and an (almost) empty frigde have made me a grumpy girl today.