my dear friend silvia mentioned she'd like us to visit drave before the summer.
i think i'll rush her plan to a very near future.
from my last visit there, i can remember the hike to reach it was absolutely stunning (although a little painfull on the way back), and the little lagoon delicious on such a hot day.
oh, i miss it...


  1. ah yes it looks so good! you have to go there as soon as possible!

  2. Portugal has such wonderful scenery. Many people only see the Algarve, I would like to visit the countryside. Very nice.

  3. what a stunning place!
    it looks unreal, out from a tale!
    you should definitely go back there as soon as you can :-)

  4. ohh such a beautiful place...the sky,the mountain,the houses.Beautiful!

  5. the green and the blue in these pictures is beyond crazy. my eyes almost hurt..so vivid and beautiful. if i ever build a house, i will paint it with the colors in these pictures. i think i'll paint the walls with the blue in the sky, window frames with that yellowish tone in the ground and the roof with the green in the trees. when the house is ready i will invite you to visit ;)

    1. wow! i'm glad you like it that much :)

  6. oh, it's so beautiful!
    like just out of a perfect dream