i could sum up these past weeks of my life to reading and writting.
i haven't done anything, but that.
be it inside a library or cozed up in my sofa, with a blaket and benny, the cat.
i feel flat and lifeless.only music helps. 
and the thought that the end is near, and little trips are or the way. 
 a dim light at the end of the tunnel.



today, like most of the week, the morning started out incredibly foggy.
it feels as autumn is already here, but only in the mornings.
the process of eating breakfest is so much nicer and warmer.
i can finally justify my addiction to blankets.
there's something very cozy about autumn...
i just wish i wasn't getting sick at the same time...


cats and shale

during our little trip to shale villages, we were treated with the company of  alot of stray cats. they were on all three villages.
i was absolutely delighted.
and they were all reminiscent of siamese cats, strangely enough.
the pavements were ponctuated with little bowls that had food and water, and next to a restaurant they were the lords of roasted cod leftovers.
it must be heaven for these cats.


windows and travelling

tonight we'll have a couple of friends over for dinner - tó's homemade calzones :)
lately it seems i can't stop thinking about windows... and travelling.
the window thoughs are put at rest easily enough. the same does not happen to the travelling ones.
but google earth is my dear friend, and one of those brilliant times, spent exploring new places will come soon!
buçaco, i'm there in a few weeks!




these past few days i feel like i've been living under a rock.
life was grey, despite the sun shining outside. there was no time to enjoy life. 
just work, and worring about money.
why does it have to be so damn expensive to send a scale model to milan...?

* learning that genevieve has finally received my little letter, and did enjoy it was a bright spot today !



yesterday the sky looked doomy and gloomy.
today it has birghtened up. 
i don't even have to look at the sky to know it. you can always tell by the presence of laudry in people's hangers.
today i counted four just in my building.



my hair is no longer long.


the past couple of days i've been building a harduous scale model, with tó, at his grandma's house.
now i should spend the next 3 days reading and writing, with benny, the cat, as my only companion.
that's a good thing because: he doesn't distract me. he doesn't make any noise. he sleeps all afternoon. he's the flufiness i want/need while at a break from working.
it's goot to be back home. 
specially when there are sunsets like this to be enjoyed at my balcony.


the love story

as a little girl i didn't care much about portugal's history classes.
but there's one that got stuck in my memory from the very 1st time i heard it.
it was the story about pedro and inês' love.
a story that is both passionated and a little morbid.

as i walked around their tombs, in alcobaças' monastery, i couldn't feel the love in that space. 
what i could feel, however, was this overwhealming sensation of peace.
and the realization that sometimes stories that sound like a fairytale are indeed true.


stop 5: nazaré

we arrived as the sun was going down. 
just enough time to set up the tent, shop for dinner and get to sítio, still graced with a dimming sunlight.
it was the best discovery of this trip.
sitting on the top of a hill, formed by giant rocks, overlooking the city of nazaré, a lighthouse, and a deserted beach.
we had dinner inside the car, for the wind was intense. but, still,we were absolutely delighted with the stunning view.
i didn't bring my camera (he did), so a second visit, with the sun arising (and my camera) was mandatory.
as so it was. beautiful as i remembered from the day before, but in a different way. 
it was the perfect ending for this road trip.