everyday from the train station on the way to our house i pass by this beautiful garden of roses.
they are very big, light pink and vibrant pink roses. they seem meticulously taken care of.
the other day i saw the woman who owns that garden.
a friendly japanese old lady who smiled at me as i stared at the roses :)

this photo doesn't do it much justice, really...



on saturday we're going to versailles again.
this time it will be to see the exhibition of joana vasconcelos - a portuguese designer/sculpter that i really love.

i was beyond happy with the photos i took last time on versailles (although some are still on an undeveloped roll...) and i cannot wait to take my praktica to that beautiful place again :)

these are all the versailles photos from the one roll that got developed.


luna the cat

one surprise i had with this roll were some forgotten photos of luna - natalia's cat.
she did not look for our company nor did she enjoy cuddling / petting.
but she was extremely curious 
and loved nutela :)


a quick visit to parc de bercy.
after sudani suggested it i had to see it the first time i got the chance to.
and i was not disappointed :)
so nice and quite, with lots of little romantic spots along the way.
it was also the first time i saw white wisterias! 
in portugal i always smiled when i passed by the purples ones. they always smell so nice... it reminds me of spring and summer!


on the day we met sudani*

at the jardin du luxembourg. we passe dby some very turistic points and strolled through a not so turistic paris :)
 thank you for the lovely afternoon!


today i left another roll to develop at the lab.
on thursday night i will get to see some photos from the walk wiht sudani, the trip to versailles, to poissy, and some very random paris photos. i'm sure i'll be surprised to see the film. 


the weekends are filled with walks by the river and through the city and lifes seems so nice.
i still have times where i feel completely like a tourist on holidays :)
and then there is that fatigue from working all day and commuting early in the morning and late in the day.
still everytime i go to work i keep my head up, looking at all the beautiful architecture, gardens and places paris has to offer.
everyday i find a new romantic passage or a detail that intrigues me. and everyday i wish i had brought my camera with me.

i still have two rolls to develop, but at the time being i'm counting pennies... : (