fuji instax mini

 this morning i woke up really early due to our guest - jack, anabela's cat.
he's hyperactive, to say the least...!
and as i saw a glimpse of a blue sky, i put some clothes on and out the door i went.

tó gave me a fuji instax mini camera this christmas and so far i had only tried it inside. so it seemed like the perfect oportunity to test it outside on a bright day...

i live only 15min walking from bois de vincennes, and it is just the perfect place to spend the morning - as it is quite big you can walk for kilometers and kilometers without a lot of people around and it has several lakes, so it's granted you'll find some lovely ducks :)

so here are the photos i took this morning

so far i'm in love with this camera. it is a nice alternative to the classic polaroid cameras (although i still would love to have one) it is extremely easy to use and really light.
i will try to take it with me on a daily basis :)


le mont-saint-michel

it's been a real long time since i last wrote here, so i think i should start by explaining what has been going on lately...

since october i had been extremely unhappy at work... i felt like i was going nowhere as i was disappointed at the lack of interest / organization of my boss and i basically though i was wasting my best years there... so mid-november i started sending portfolios and after two weeks i got an interview and a new job!
on top of that me an tó also worked on an arhcitecture competition for denmark at the same time...
so all the weekends were filled with more screens and autocad.

so you can imagine how glad i am to be on christmas vacations!

this year to avoid all the moving around between mom, dad and friends, i chose to stay here and rest  and have my mom come for christmas instead :)

whilst wishing you're having a great time tduring the holidays, i leave you some photos i took while on the trip to le mont-saint-michel.