fuji instax mini

 this morning i woke up really early due to our guest - jack, anabela's cat.
he's hyperactive, to say the least...!
and as i saw a glimpse of a blue sky, i put some clothes on and out the door i went.

tó gave me a fuji instax mini camera this christmas and so far i had only tried it inside. so it seemed like the perfect oportunity to test it outside on a bright day...

i live only 15min walking from bois de vincennes, and it is just the perfect place to spend the morning - as it is quite big you can walk for kilometers and kilometers without a lot of people around and it has several lakes, so it's granted you'll find some lovely ducks :)

so here are the photos i took this morning

so far i'm in love with this camera. it is a nice alternative to the classic polaroid cameras (although i still would love to have one) it is extremely easy to use and really light.
i will try to take it with me on a daily basis :)


  1. These photos are brilliant! That place looks like heaven

  2. lindas :D e que bom morares tão perto dum sítio desses!