i've worked pretty hard, but i've also been rewarded with two nice treats :)

i got this amazing photo from isabelle in the mail and it made me so happy! i just know i will go there someday!

and my dad came over to paris!
we've walked throught most of paris with him just like tourist do, even if the cold is almost unbearable (for us at least!) 

and yesterday, when we went to jardins de luxembourg, i saw a little girl feeding birds and a few steps forward a bit of bread on the floor. i hold it in my hand and the cutest little birds flew right in my hand! and tó's hand too :)

i'm anxious to get some films developed now...


i've been feeling quite nostalgic this week.
a lot of work at the office and the horrible weather  are taking a toll on me.

i haven't bee feeling like myself lately...

i also have the urge to move out and search for a place just for us... with no colocs. it's ok to share a house with people you get along with, but it only takes one person to bring the mood of the whole house down.

i hope next week proves to be better!


 today it rained and i stayed the whole day inside the house... and thankfully i'm almost done with the flu.
the sky has been grey, and i'm feeling the urge to document the the greyness of paris with my camera.
but i think i'll walk by the river tomorrow. i've noticed on the train on the way home that the trees are beginning to change colors :) the greens are now intercalated with some reds and browns!

in july i went to le corbusier's apartment :)  my camera wasn't very cooperative with the small spaces... so i ended up shootting only details.

by accident, tó peeked out of a window and saw a nest with a weird bird... it looked more like a duck actually...


today i stayed home... the wintery weather took its toll on me and i have a flu...
it's the second time since arriving in paris... two times more than i normally have in portugal!

and the two lions i loved so much at joana vasconcelos' exhibition at versailles...