i feel like i haven't had time to do much, other than work... but i've been doing my best to keep exploring this lovely city.
on saturdays we usually go for a walk without destination. just circulating the streets, and admiring little charming streets or shops. 
i've had the chance to get to know a few more book stores with extremely cheap (french) books, and i've finally found one with a good story that is easy enough for me to read and understand - and it has been my company in the train and metro :)

today though, our flatmate made delicious bread doh (turned into a even more delicous pizza tonight!) and we went shortly to jardin des plantes. still a wonderful day :)



when i saw the photos i took of benny in one of my father's balconies, i felt rather strange...
in the photos he doesn't looks less chubby at all, even though in real life he truly does and i know he is - aftearll i weighed him to know for sure!

but it feels comforting to see he can still look like he used to :)
i love him so very much!!!


*newborn kitties*

when i visited my mom and aunt during my trip to portugal, i got to see 3 days old kitties - it's a normal think to see kitties since kika (the mom) is a very fertil cat! she's two and tiny and has had 4 litters already!

but it was the first time i saw kitties so young their eyes were not even open :)
they were six little cuties with pink noses :)  

they filled almost every moment i had in that house. i just loved to see them suckling and crawling over each other to reach their mommy...

it was truly cat heaven!


letter from toi*

after a couple of weeks of hectiness at work, a bee stinging tó underneath the eye (!)  and some more hectiness from juggling work and friends from home visiting, i've finally have the time to post :)

after polly's letter i got this amazing treasure from toi!
i believe my mail box has been extremely satisfied :)

i've been a fan of her photographs for a long time and it was such a nice treat. 
lovely photos, a felted bear wrapped up in the sweetest piece of fabric and a bear head were some of the things she sent me.
i kept unwrapping more more treasures and calling tó to see them one after the other :)

thank you so so much!

i believe penpalling is absolutely wonderful! they always make me feel like a little girl at christmas :)