everytime i talk with my dad on skype he shows me benny. he tries to hold him, but sometimes that fluffy stuburn cat just won't allow it. instead he sits on the couch right next to him :)

he's already the king of the house. and he gets brushed every day as he was used to. i can see and hear (his mewos don't lie!) he likes to be at my dad's.

tonight the sun was still shinning when we talked and i could notice his fur has gotten blonder. 
and i couldn't help but remember all those times when he layed in the sunny balcony for hours and hours and then on my lap with the warmest fur :)

i miss my 7kg of cat!


this was taken the first time i saw the eiffel tower, after arriving in paris. it took me almost two weeks to do it, believe it or not...!
it was rainy and cold. but yesterday we went there again, with the sun shinning hard.
we went there after a walk on the grands boulevards and checked out two wonderful cheap bookstores filled with wonders to be bought and looked at :)

 i'm really enjoying life in paris (specially when the sun is out), even though i only have time to wonder around in the weekends. 
the beautiful buildings, the lunches in the parks, the museums and gardens, the picnics with beautiful sights and new people to meet... just wonderful!


the birdhouses in ermont

yesterday i got my roll developed. i also got the worst flu i've had in years.
these are a couple of birdhouses that marked several of ermont's public gardens.
i loved passing by the beautiful gardens and seeing the birds coming in and out of these structures.
and i very much loved the time i spent in ermont.


a sigh of relief

i'm now installed in the suburbs. 
a lovely place that is confortabilly bigger than the 9m2 i saw multiple times in paris. 
plus,we got the friendliest flatmates ever.
and i got to go for a walk in jardin du luxembourg with the wonderful scarlet last sunday (thank you!)
now i just need to start getting home at decent hours and getting some rolls developed :)

i really can't ask for much more...!


villa savoye

between sleeping at one place and the other we had the opportunity to visit villa savoye once again.
the heavily clouded grey sky made the light dimmer. and the same to the shadows.
it was a treat to hear several mothers and fathers explain the core aspects of the house to their little ones.
i hope i get to do it one day with my owns :)