this was taken the first time i saw the eiffel tower, after arriving in paris. it took me almost two weeks to do it, believe it or not...!
it was rainy and cold. but yesterday we went there again, with the sun shinning hard.
we went there after a walk on the grands boulevards and checked out two wonderful cheap bookstores filled with wonders to be bought and looked at :)

 i'm really enjoying life in paris (specially when the sun is out), even though i only have time to wonder around in the weekends. 
the beautiful buildings, the lunches in the parks, the museums and gardens, the picnics with beautiful sights and new people to meet... just wonderful!


  1. Time for a confession : it took me more than 10 years to finally visit (i mean go up) the eiffel tower, and I visited Versailles for the first time only two years ago.
    THAT is shameful haha. Not even talking about all the other monuments, and museums, and gardens, and buildings I still haven't visited here.
    Aren't you a little homesick about Portugal ? Or not at all ? I'm curious as I'll probably be away for a year too, I'm wondering If I'll really miss Paris or not at all :)

    1. haha! that always happens to monuments/museums in anyone's hometown!
      i'm still not homesick, but sometimes i dream of going to place si used to go all the time... but because there are still so many new things to see it's harder to get homesick :)

    2. Versailles!
      have you been there yet, Joana?
      it is such a dreamy place! I remember going there with my family when I was a little girl: I loved it!

    3. yes i've been there just last week! we saw the inside of the castle for the first time (last time we only had time to visit the gardens). and i'm sure i'l return ey again on a sunny day :)

  2. I am extremely glad to hear all of this!
    I just hope you will soon get some more free time to shoot some of your beautiful photographs around Paris, when the sun is shining! :-)

  3. Oh you like it in Paris? This is beautiful. It is a wonderful city. And to live there - for a while - is a great adventure. There is so much to see and visit, and so good food! I wish you a good time.

  4. beautiful Paris... . .