yesterday the brother of a friend showed us some more paris.
he's been living here for 8 years and guided us to the most beautiful places.
i think i'll have to visit some of them  many times with a camera once the rain stops :)
passage des panoramas has got to be my favorite find of yesterday.
i'm looking forward to walk through each and every stunning passage in paris.

photo from http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/tt/59721/


thank you all so much for the supporting comments.
i'm glad to say benny is adjusting (even if slowly) to his new home. 
i'll be leaving in a few hours and i'm feeling hopeful :)


*i'm moving to paris*

i got accepted to an internship in paris, and luckily so did tó.
we'll move to paris this monday.
this should be a nothing-but-wonderful time, but unfortunately it's not.
i'm excited to move, to live in paris and to work. but because we'll most likely apply to a residence, benny (the cat) won't be moving with us.
i've already cried a lot about this decision and i'll probably cry a lot more tomorrow, when i leave him at my dad's.
this is definately a stressful time, specially since we still don't have a definate place to live.
but hopefully once we get there we'll be just fine...


a few screen captures from a few old film movies by a. s. tavares.
i'm so glad i found these. and i still have some more to see...
i couldn't help but watch them and recall my very own family photos :)


i've had a lot on my mind lately.
sometimes i wish i had a cat's life. and nothing to worry about.
or even a pigeon's life.


serra da freita

last friday we were supposed to revisit drave. but that area was under big fires, and we went to 'serra da freita' instead.
it was a wonderful bright day and the view simply stunning. it changed from a little creek in between giant rocks, to lovely vegetation with cattle, to a big waterfall.
we walked and climbed, throught roads, rocks and dirt, untill our legs hurt.
it's always a good time when you do road trips with friends that involve seeing and appreciating nature :)