bois de vincennes

we've only been this one time to bois de vincennes, but i loved seeing everyone enjoying their sunday in rowboats. it really seemed like the perfect way to spend a nice afternoon... and there were also kids riding ponies  :)

 we've been adding more and more buildings and places to see in our google earth map wishlist... but it seems the free time is never enough.
how i miss studying instead of working...!

my friend silvia is coming on friday and i'm looking forward to spending time with her, and chatting in portuguese while showing her paris!



i fell in love with the garden of sceaux. maybe it was because the day was splendid and sunny. 
the combination of wildflowers with the geometrically treamed tress was just so beautiful.

and when i got home i found out i had only seen a 1/3 or a 1/4 of it...

and thank you guys for all the suggestions for little trips in france :)


the marne, again

on the day i went to the marne to document the beggining of the color change, it was a wonderful sunny day.
and i finally took some photos of the sweet little houses on the river side.

i noticed yesterday that the colors haven't changed that much... the trees are still mostely green, even though it has been a while since i took these.

also, on saturday we went to provins! it alsmost felt like the road trips i used to do back in portugal... only by train...
i think i need to visit more outside of paris...  any suggestions on lovely places?!