i went to bruges in the beggining of february.
it was the 1st time since we arrived  - almost 11 months - that we've travelled outside of paris or portugal.

i fell in love with it. every street seemed out of a fairytale. 
the bricks are just so beautiful to me, that even an extremely cold,  rainy/snowy day couldn't ruin the experience :)

me and tó want to save so we can travel more often to places we've never been before.

tonight i've been looking through folders and folders of photos. i have selected more than 50 to get printed this week so we can have something on the walls by the weekend. but it's always so nice to remember everything you did and saw from looking at old  photos...

also, i will return from portugal with my cat on april the 24th :)
it's strange to think that on that day it will be exactly one year since we left portugal. i really don't feel like a lot of time has passed...