in setúbal he drew.
whenever he draws it is time treasured by me, and him.
there were also long walks in the blazing sun, 5 misleading directions to the turism office (we didn't mind), a craftsman who built brilliant miniature bicycles, and 3 old men discussing football at 4pm.
whilst in the city's fort i accidentally opened the back of my camera before unwinding the film.
in this instance i'm happy it happened.


still in outão

there was a curious incident at the beach. 
it was crowded, and we were really close to everyone. but specially to this huge family, with lots of kids.
 they would go to the shore with goggles and bring back little hermit crabs.
you could see the happiness and excitment in their faces, still with goggles, everytime they catched one.
i had never seen one before, and the kids were more than happy to tell us all about it, pick them up, and put them in our hands. 
as they got out of their shells the most wonderufl ticklish feeling invaded my hand.
it was such a nice treat in this little trip.


stop 4: outão

we had to revisit the arrábida region. i was completely blown away with the 1st glimpe of it, last year, and there was absolutely no way i would miss it this year.
the camping site was better than perfect. just by the sea, looking over the island of tróia, and the city od setúbal.
the sun would start rising at 6am, from the sea, illuminating our glorious view with golden light.
this would make anyone wake up with a smile.
on the opposite side, majestic trees sheltered the noise from the road.
we had everything we wanted there. places to see, the beach, and a beautiful place to sleep.


stop 3: sines

 sines was a quick stop.
we only spent an afternoon there. and still, there was pletny to fill our eyes with. 


between stop 2 and stop 3

while on the road, along the vicentine coast, we stopped whenever a beautiful sight caught our eyes.
 it was the case with this windmill. 
althought it was completely still, there was this nice breeze, that counteracted the strong heat.
 there's something very relaxing about the (characteristic) white architecture against the strong blue sky. 
maybe half an hour later, we spotted milfontes
compeltely unfamiliar to me, but truly lovely and peaceful. 
we could see a family enjoying the sun and water in that hot day. some were walking in the river banks, while the rest of them stayed inside the boat.
in that moment i wished i was right there next to them.


1st stop: albufeira

i just started scanning the negatives from my vacations.
the 1st roll came with so many different tones, and reminded me of the intense sun, and its light, that differed from morning to night, and the omnipresent colors of blue, red and beige.
i did something everyday and everywhere i went this summer. picking shells. smooth ones, ragged ones, perfect ones and broken ones. in all shapes and colors.
having the sea as a constant was something i truly treasured.
it really was all about carpe diem. but isn't that always the case when you're ravelling?!


getting old

as i went to the supermaket to buy some salmon for tonight's dinner, i was greeted with a huge amount of school parafernalia.
and it took me back to the time i longed to go buy school materials. to get the new backpack, the new pencils, pens and markers, and a new case for them. the notebooks.
i miss it.
it makes me feel old that i don't have to buy those things. 
just not quite as old as these ruins


the beauty of film

as i started scanning a forgotten roll of film, finally developed, memories flooded.
the saturated green poking through the grey sky and earthy brown villages.
villages that weren't forgotten, and looked like they were built for dolls.
the adverse terrain my poor car had to go through, the enormous amount of stairs we run up and down... all was worth just to comprehend the beauty witnessed by our eyes.
the most secluded, adorable spots were found in all three villages.
it makes me wonder what else i'm missing. i hope that throughout the years the list gets thinner and thinner.

casal novo:




it feels homy to be home

i arrived at home yesterday in the end of the afternoon. 
benny, the cat, was very vocal about how he missed me. i missed him too.
 i was also greeted with a letter from hermine in the mail!
the summer trip were a glorious 10 days of exploring new places, and admiring the beauty in portugal's natural places, as well as constructed ones.
a trip that didn't fall short on emotions. a wide range of them.

as i cuddled into my comfy bed i turned on my laptop to watch a few familiar movies. 
something i do almost every day and hadn't done since leaving.

i thought i'd share a few favorite of mine and maybe you can introduce me to some of yours.

animations by sylvain chomet:
les triplettes de belleville (excerpt 1)  .  les triplettes de belleville (excerpt 2)  .  la vieille dame et les pigeons (excerpt)

his drawings are amazing and so are the storylines that support them.

shorts by jan svankmajer:
meat love  .  picnic  .  a game with stones

i really like how he twists everyday actions and objects and makes them interesting to watch.
 i didcovered him by accident, with his movie the conspirators of pleasure, that till this day remains the work i love the best.

and of course, delicatessen by  jean-pierre jeunet & marc caro - my absolute favorite!