the beauty of film

as i started scanning a forgotten roll of film, finally developed, memories flooded.
the saturated green poking through the grey sky and earthy brown villages.
villages that weren't forgotten, and looked like they were built for dolls.
the adverse terrain my poor car had to go through, the enormous amount of stairs we run up and down... all was worth just to comprehend the beauty witnessed by our eyes.
the most secluded, adorable spots were found in all three villages.
it makes me wonder what else i'm missing. i hope that throughout the years the list gets thinner and thinner.

casal novo:




  1. S P E C T A C O U L A R in the softest mood ever.

  2. Cute villages! These pics are beautiful, makes me want to live there.

  3. My God these are beautiful! Lovely blog, truly!

  4. There's just so many things not to miss, especially those little things. My eyes are always goggling every time i go somewhere, sometimes i have another pair at the back of my head.

    These photos are so lovely, so many green! What is that person drawing in the last photo?? looks fascinating.

  5. i really like what you write and the way you write, sounds like poetry sometimes. i'm loving these sentence, for example "it makes me wonder what else i'm missing" :)

    also, and again, your pictures make me want to go to portugal so bad! those lovely houses with their balconies full of flowers are just great <3

    and, by the way, now the colour green reminds me of you haha.


  6. It seems like such a beautiful place !

  7. Lovely houses. Oh, if I could live in one of them. And the flowers attached to the walls....looks like from a fairytale.

  8. as i read your blog on and on , i am deeply attracted by your blog. you must spent much time and effort on it.

    Tera gold

  9. thanks to all of you!
    QHYAPPLE - not really. i just take photographs of all the places i visit, and then post them. memories accompanied by little phrases :)