the church of light and color

last weekend me and tó went to visit a church he wanted to see for a really long time. the church was designed by the french architect Auguste Perret and it is only 10km away from our home, in Raincy.

it was a gloomy day, and therefore the light didn't shine through as bright as we hoped for, but every now and then, a ray of light woud come in and the whole room would gain a magical feel. you really felt the presence of specs of light and color, and it felt rather peaceful, even for me, an atheist.

these are the ones in the roll of film developed so far, but i will definately go back there in the spring/summer with a better film for indoors photography :)

also this weekend we went to see a couple of chateaux in the loire :)
gloomy weather once again, but it was so worthy the drive there!
we've liked it so much we've decided we want to explore that area of france for a longer period than just a weekend when the weather gets better :)

it was great just to go outside of paris... and experience more of a rural area as the big city is starting to really stress me...