starting monday

this is the plan. we'll go straight to the algarve and enjoy a few days of relaxation under the sun, at the beach.
after that, we'll adventure in the alentejo's coast on the way back home. 
just me, tó, the car and the tent.
we'll explore new places, all bathed by the sea, and revisit a favorite - serra da arrábida.

i'm beyond excited for this journey to begin!



tomorrow silvia and rueff return from rome.
i'm very glad they are returning, but i can't deny feeling a bit nostalgic. 
the memories of my trips to rome just fly by my head. 
beautiful memories. beautiful places. beautiful colors.


first stop

this was the first stop of our little trip, last weekend. 
standing next to a modest castle was 'senhora da piedade'. a tiny chappel, isolated, in a pedestal, between mountains.
there were thousands of stair steps connecting it to the main road..
the view was stunning. nothing but lucious green, stood out from the cloudy, grey day.


light in the sanatorium

these are a few photos taken last month during the explorarion of the sanatorium. 
it was completely degraded, but the light and atmosphere were memorable.
an eerie place interrupted with beautiful, bright light.


road tripping

after luch, today, i'll be making a little raod trip with him, as we found an excuse to do so, when my grandma said she'd like to meet him.
we'll visit ruins, and lost little villages, and the beautiful city of coimbra, again.
it won't be quite as powerful as last years road trip, in which we passed through some of the most amazingly beautiful places, right here, in portugal, but a road trip is always a road trip.
and they make me happy.


the smell of ocean and algae

as i'm working, inside, writting my master's thesis, all i can think about is doing anything but.
most of all, i miss going to the beach, as it was usual for me, in july. 
and seeing the glorious, ice cold, atlantic ocean, and the sand blowing, and picking my skin, and the smell... oh the smell of ocean and algae....


ruins or relics

if there's one thing i adore is ruins. 
ruins, or just plain old abandoned houses.
places where you can see, and feel , someone lived there. and now they're gone, but their mark still lives. 
i'll be exploring new places next weekend. ruins and relics.

 these were taken during the fall of 2010, in citânia de briteiros.


last july

was the 1st time i realized peacocks could fly.
college exams were over, and it felt like hollidays. i could smell it in the air.
he had returned from rome.
i fell in love with parts of my hometown i had never seen before.
life was beautiful.


long before oreos

i stumbled across some old negatives. these photos are part of my baby album.
i guess i loved eating cookies at my grandma's house!
it's amazing how nostalgic you can get just by looking at some ramdom old photos of yourself...


almost 4 months later

i finally got my b&w film developed from my paris trip, in march.
i was anxious to see the results, specially since i remembered taking photos of little girls drawing dolls and houses with colored chalks on the pavement at the bottom of sacre coeur. they looked just adorable and it was one of those moments that made both of us smile on a gray day with achy feet.