starting monday

this is the plan. we'll go straight to the algarve and enjoy a few days of relaxation under the sun, at the beach.
after that, we'll adventure in the alentejo's coast on the way back home. 
just me, tó, the car and the tent.
we'll explore new places, all bathed by the sea, and revisit a favorite - serra da arrábida.

i'm beyond excited for this journey to begin!


  1. wow, sounds really exciting and fun :) i wanted to go to albufeira or olhão but our plans didn't come out the way i expected. i'll hopefully go there next summer, though.

    have fun and take lots of pictures!


  2. WOW. coast road trips are the best! i wish you luck for your amazing trip :)

    i remember being in algarve for three times as a teenager. the ocean was amazing. i remember one day i swam for five hours. or maybe i was just floating around.

  3. That sounds like fun!
    I hope you have an amazing trip!

  4. this sounds nothing short of amazing.. I hope you have fun!

  5. ok, now i'm jeeealous! :P

    hope you have an amazing road trip. i'll wait anxiously for the beautiful photos that i'm sure you'll bring for us.

    p.s. don't forget your sunscreen!

  6. have a lovely journey!
    I wish I could visit portugal sometime soon!

  7. this sounds wonderful! you seem to always be exploring and it's fantastic!

  8. this looks lovely, i hope you're enjoying summer a lot!

  9. Ahhh amazing amazing! I wish i'm on my holidays again. Have fun exploring because i'm sure you'll encounter awesome adventures and snap lovely pictures :)

  10. i'm jeeealous too. how happy you are !!i love travelling, but i don't have time , humm

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