road tripping

after luch, today, i'll be making a little raod trip with him, as we found an excuse to do so, when my grandma said she'd like to meet him.
we'll visit ruins, and lost little villages, and the beautiful city of coimbra, again.
it won't be quite as powerful as last years road trip, in which we passed through some of the most amazingly beautiful places, right here, in portugal, but a road trip is always a road trip.
and they make me happy.


  1. very nice shots! everything is so green!

  2. wow, amazing. i love road trips as well, even if its just a few hours away... have fun.

  3. Ahhh these are gorgeous and i can't wait to see new photos of your road trip :) i love going on road trips, i just went on one back in the countryside. have fun!

  4. wow, the last one is gorgeous!