we returned last night.
rouen was beautiful, and i enjoyed strolling around the old city center and taking photos, but i was disappointed by the constant rain...
it was difficult to feel uplifted,  when we had to walk in a fast pace, with umbrellas, even in such beautiful streets.

but in the end, we got to know another beautiful place, we saw amazing structures and streets and monumental churches - specially having in mind rouen's size! - and when we seeked refuge in st ouen's church, during a storm, we got to listen to this amazing concert of torgan and trompet :)

just wished france could show us the sun we're used to...



we have just bought tickets and sleep for a trip on the weekend :)
rouen is the destination.
it will be (only) our second trip other than home since we have arrived in france...

i also got the film i had in my camera since the beggining of february developed.
i couldn't believe how long it took to finnish and develope it...
it passed from belgium to france to portugal and then france again :)

this is from portugal:


mother's day

today is mother's day in portugal!
it's funny how being away from home makes you aware of the importance of family and friends.

this photograph was taken on the day my uncle got married. i was the ring bearer girl. i had just fell and scrapped my knee before entering the church and my mom was conforting me without making a big deal out of the minor accident - like always :)

on a side note, kiki, the cat, is still hidding in the tub (she left durinng the night, only to hiss at benny... and thanks to that we were able to take a shower in the morning!)
i feel that benny - who's so so gentle - is getting affraid of our guest...


cat sitting

new look!
i was getting tired of always seeing the same thing, even if i don't caome here often now...

starting today, and for a week, i'm cat sitting for a coworker's cat.
when they arrived to drop her she was so curious and happy - she even ate the entire bowl of benny's food!
but the poor cat got so afraid after the owners left, she has been 'hidding' in the tub ever since they left - 3h!
 i just hope she starts feeling less afraid still today...