cat sitting

new look!
i was getting tired of always seeing the same thing, even if i don't caome here often now...

starting today, and for a week, i'm cat sitting for a coworker's cat.
when they arrived to drop her she was so curious and happy - she even ate the entire bowl of benny's food!
but the poor cat got so afraid after the owners left, she has been 'hidding' in the tub ever since they left - 3h!
 i just hope she starts feeling less afraid still today...


  1. I like the new look, Joana! :-)

    Don't worry too much about your colleague's cat: she may take a while to overcome her fear but she will eventually. A friend of mine brought us her to take care for a week about a month ago: at first he was extremely scared by the new space, but eventually he even started playing happily with Tove - it took a whole day though!

    1. thanks polly!
      and thanks for reassuring me that everything is going to be ok :)