mother's day

today is mother's day in portugal!
it's funny how being away from home makes you aware of the importance of family and friends.

this photograph was taken on the day my uncle got married. i was the ring bearer girl. i had just fell and scrapped my knee before entering the church and my mom was conforting me without making a big deal out of the minor accident - like always :)

on a side note, kiki, the cat, is still hidding in the tub (she left durinng the night, only to hiss at benny... and thanks to that we were able to take a shower in the morning!)
i feel that benny - who's so so gentle - is getting affraid of our guest...


  1. So cute pictures. Here Mother's day is next Sunday.
    Hope Kiki and Benny get friendly soon:)

  2. You are so cute. And I find it interesting that someone decided to take such interesting photos of a crying child in a wedding. Usually people take only "happy" pictures at a wedding. It is cool that someone decided to document the whole variety of emotions.

  3. Awww, these photographs almost brought tears to my eyes - it is such a sweet memory! And I do know how you feel when you say that being away from home makes you aware of the importance of family and friends!
    Next Sunday will be Mother's Day here in Finland and I feel like I will miss my family even more intensely!

  4. so cute!!
    It also was mother's day in Spain... which my mother completerly forgot so when I called her she was all happy!

  5. Look at your mum, she is a stunner! It's mothers day in Aus today, must get on the phone :)