we have just bought tickets and sleep for a trip on the weekend :)
rouen is the destination.
it will be (only) our second trip other than home since we have arrived in france...

i also got the film i had in my camera since the beggining of february developed.
i couldn't believe how long it took to finnish and develope it...
it passed from belgium to france to portugal and then france again :)

this is from portugal:


  1. Eu nao consigo aguentar tanto tempo com um rolo dentro da maquina!

    adoro o rádio <3

  2. Such beautiful and delicate photographs, both of them. I love the colours and the atmosphere! I hope you'll share more from the same roll!
    Have a wonderful trip to Rouen! I'm sure it will be beautiful! :-)

  3. Oooh have fun on your mini-break!! Lovely photos :)

  4. beautiful photographs..love that oldie radio. Radio right?
    Have a lovely trip to Rouen.

  5. Love the first one. And I hope you had a great weekend in Rouen!