on the way to le mont-saint-michel

on the way to le mont-saint-michel we passed by beautiful sceneries, even though it was impossibel to stop the car and take a photograph for most of the times. but everytime we could, we would.

i though the inumerous amount of pastel cows in the middle of vibrant green filds of grass were so adorable.

we passed by chatêau de carrouges (photos 2 to 5) and it was gloomy but beautiful. i though it was sweet to have a groups of cows in one of the bedroom window views :)

and then on the manoir de la saucerie, the strange mismatched sctructure that had fascinated me while searching online. 

tó was really excited to draw it, but it proved to be more difficult than anticipated ... i think however that the photos show a bit of its character :)



wow . 
i have just realized i haven't posted anything since before going on holidays to portugal.

since the beggining of august a lot has happened. we came back in my car, as i wanted, and we had a lovely road trip, even if it was a little tight on time. thanks to our gps we went through the loveliest little villages in the region of aquitaine ( i must admit i was a bit sad to cross the pirineus at night...)

we took advantage fo the car and we went to visit le mont-saint-michel - finally!!!
on the way there we stopped at chateau de carrouges, la tour de bonvouloir and le manoir de la saucerie, wish was just the cherry on the ckae, really.

and most recentle we have welcomed our dear friend (and fellow architect) joana. she's now also working and living in paris and i'm  happy that our little family here is growing.

but for now, here are the adorable little kitties i had the pleasure of seeing and touching at my aunt's house :)