15 minutes walking from our door we have the marne river. 
this saturday we went there for a long walk and a tiny tiny run.
and it turned out to be the best idea.
the fresh air and the beautiful green shores, the dainty houses on the island, the lovely italien style little restaurant with vibrant flower pots and white wood details, the boats... it was definately the most relaxing saturday we had since we arrived :)

now i wish i had a bike to pedal along the river all the way until paris...

today we visited carnavalet museum. one (or another!) museum i just have to revisit!


joana vasconcelos

this is less than half of joana vasconelos' exhibition in versailles.
the part that was on the roll that already got developed...

i have to say i was not disappointed at all.
almost all of the pieces really meshed well with the higly decorated rooms.
the only thing different than what i had imagine was the size of the pot shoes. for some reason i though they were much bigger.

but still, with the amount of people visiting the castle, combined with my 50mm lens i could not capture them completely... what a shame!

my favorite pieces were the laced covered animals. just fantastic!



a couple of weeks filled with picnics and farewell dinners...
the sun is out and strong and i should be happy, but the few friends i made here (fellow architecture interns) are going away, one by one, to their homes...

this makes the trip to portugal almost a necessity. 

also, i should actually remember to put the letters and postcards i already wrote in the actual mail...!


yesterday night i saw part of a documentary on victor hugo...
his room/house was not too shabby... but it was no versailles!

i think i need to buy a biography on marie antoinette...


green all around

one thing i love about this city is that you have beautiful green spaces everywhere you look.
this is in museƩ rodin. i should have taken more photos... this means i have to go there again!
i loved all of his work, but i specially loved his 'sketch' sculptures. they were raw and beautiful.
and the garden was precious on his own as well!

also a trip to portugal will take place in the summer. i will finally see sun for more than two days straight...! and i'll see my loved ones AND benny the cat!


sunny paris

the sun has finally returned for good and it feels wonderful to be in paris :)
one of the best parts of living in paris have been all the wonderful picnics we've had by the river, withe a pink sky and lovely view as background.
i'm glad we'll be able to have a lot more of those in the coming times.

3 photos more from the day we've met sudani!