joana vasconcelos

this is less than half of joana vasconelos' exhibition in versailles.
the part that was on the roll that already got developed...

i have to say i was not disappointed at all.
almost all of the pieces really meshed well with the higly decorated rooms.
the only thing different than what i had imagine was the size of the pot shoes. for some reason i though they were much bigger.

but still, with the amount of people visiting the castle, combined with my 50mm lens i could not capture them completely... what a shame!

my favorite pieces were the laced covered animals. just fantastic!


  1. Even with a only a 50mm lens you did a great job. These shots are beautiful. It truly makes me want to visit Versailles.

    1. oh thank you! you should!
      and i still have to pick a day to fully visit the gardens and the houses on it :)

  2. Last photo is my favourite, the colors are amazing !

  3. wow! astonishing! I didn't know that artists were allowed to exhibit in Versailles!