thank you polly*

as i arrived from my trip back home i saw a letter from polly waiting for me and it made me very happy!

 beautiful kitties, postcards,  black and white photos and words :)

i tried saving the delicious marianne candies... but they're just too delicious! 
they remind me of an inverted 'after eight' chocolate :)

i'm so glad to be her pen pal and get these lovely surprises!
*thank you polly*

i've been two weeks in portugal and it felt like i had never left in the first place...

and i got to see benny the cat -  i got a little worried because he's lost a good amount of weight (between 1,5 and 2kg) in just three months... (i liked him so much as a chubby cat.. his face doesn't even look the same) but other than that he's his regular playful and cuddly self...

now i need to get some rolls developed :)



 tomorrow we'll be on our way to portugal for a couple of weeks with family and friends!
i cannot wait to squeeze benny the cat so so hard! :)

other things i will do that i miss are driving (mostly on road trips, but in general as well), the ocean and the beach, the food!, late nights in coffees (or outside of them)...

what do you miss the most about your home when living in a different country?