tomorrow we'll be on our way to portugal for a couple of weeks with family and friends!
i cannot wait to squeeze benny the cat so so hard! :)

other things i will do that i miss are driving (mostly on road trips, but in general as well), the ocean and the beach, the food!, late nights in coffees (or outside of them)...

what do you miss the most about your home when living in a different country?


  1. Such lovely pictures of Benny! I like the reflections in the glass.

  2. my family definitely and my room

  3. love the 2nd..the reflection and his stare:)

  4. What I miss ...? The German black bread. This is something special.
    Actually I miss anything else, because I'm never as long as you are away from home.
    But I would have a beach here, then I would miss the beach and the sea.

    I wish you a good journey and a wonderful time at home.

  5. Have a safe trip journey back to Portugal ! I hope we will see each other when you're back (I'll be in Lyon at my family's for 2 weeks as well and be back a bit before August 27 !)
    What I miss most when I'm away ? My family & my friends... and some places.

    Bisous & have nice holidays !

    1. By the way, will you bring Benny over here ? ;)

  6. awww! have a safe trip home and enjoy your time there! :-)
    about my home country I miss my parents and the sun, the most!

    p.s. I got your letter today, it made me really happy! thank you so much! :-)

  7. Beautiful photographs, the second one is so adorable!

  8. the softness of the colours and fur... beautiful pictures.

  9. Anonymous17/9/12

    I miss Mexican food and American suburbs and the lack of humidity and pine forests and hearing everyone speaking languages that I understand.

    And my bed!

  10. Lucrezia18/9/12

    I miss everything about the sea.. the noise, the smell, the neverending sights he gives you, the fog in winter over the sea and the foghorn calling. That's what I miss the most about Italy living in Germany..