grandma's place

i feel like i should go visist my grandma, in the countryside. i always have a nice time, and it's only a 1h45min drive away.
i can always count on the big old tree in the middle of her yard, and ususally a sight of her (rather amusing) giant underwear. i'm enfatuated with laundry sightings, for some reason...
the lovely animals seem to acknowledge my presence, and i sure do love to see them.


lazy sunday

today was spent inside. i worked on my master's thesis, while it rained outside. and then enjoyed the warmness of my cat sleeping on my lap. i sure love lazy sundays!



this morning we decided we should explore our town a little more and did nothing but sightseeing and relax on coffeshops while drawing or photographing. just like we did this summer. and it was beautiful, again!


autumn has come

it's been rather cold lately...
it's good to stay inside, wrapped up in blankets, or just go outside with big bulky wool seaters


two of the best things in life

there's nothing i'd rather do than travel to new places and watch him draw...


a whole month

i'd love to spend a whole month living in the douro just apreciating it's beauty.

benny is the one

after a long day of scavenger hunts and lazy afternoon naps i finally got home at 00h20. and as always benny -the cat - let's me know, while i'm still at the garage, that he's waiting for me, by mewoing as loud as i've ever heard a cat meow. and as always there he is in the hallway, all strecthed out, waiting for much deserved cuddles.
i simply adore him...


tomorrow i'll go back in time

yes. tomorrow i'll go back in time. i'll visit celtic ruins near guimarĂ£es - portugal. i need some photos of them for my masters' thesis, so why not go to the source instead of looking for them inside books?
just another excuse to give my anologic cameras some deserved usage.