we returned last night.
rouen was beautiful, and i enjoyed strolling around the old city center and taking photos, but i was disappointed by the constant rain...
it was difficult to feel uplifted,  when we had to walk in a fast pace, with umbrellas, even in such beautiful streets.

but in the end, we got to know another beautiful place, we saw amazing structures and streets and monumental churches - specially having in mind rouen's size! - and when we seeked refuge in st ouen's church, during a storm, we got to listen to this amazing concert of torgan and trompet :)

just wished france could show us the sun we're used to...


  1. I am sorry to hear about the constant rain! My mum tells me it's raining in Italy too. I do hope the weather will change for the better for Southern Europe!
    On the other hand, it is nice you've got to enjoy such a beautiful and romantic city, making the most of it, despite the bad weather!

    P.S. that photo is beautiful - a favourite on flickr! :-)

  2. Também está nos meus favoritos do flickr <3

    Portugal ameaça calor de Verão mas só dá brisa de fim de tarde de Outono,chuif

  3. Lovely photo ! I'm going to Rouen this week-end, I hope the weather will be ok..

  4. France in the rain sounds lovely but that's good you are remaining positive. I hope the sun shines for you again soon.