benny is back :)

we've arrived a couple of days ago, from two glorious sunny weeks in portugal :)

benny is finally home with us now!

he's still getting used to the very small space and to the lack of birds singing (when compared to what he had back home)
but he's doing good!
he's favorite thing for the moment is to meow until we finally open the door and he goes exploring the hallway, sniffing every door and welcome mat :)

and when we arrived i noticed that all of the trees have leaves and flowers now. all it took was these two weeks :)
i'm so glad spring is coming at last !


  1. So happy that your Benny is with you now. I hope you had nice weeks in Portugal. And there may be pictures soon?

  2. olá Benny :)

    adoro a tua colcha e que tenhas 'voltado' *

  3. yay! I'm so glad to see that Benny was finally reunited with you! ♥
    happy to read also that you've had a lovely time back at home as well!
    and guess what? spring has come to Finland too! yay! :-)

  4. ♥ oh, lovely cat.

    hope he likes his new home

  5. Benny already cosing up...:)

  6. Benny!!! You must be happy having him around again :)
    Lovely portraits of him!