i've been negleting this place a lot.

i'm happy to go to portugal. this grey weather makes me not want to do anything.
the weekends have been just about doing the house chores and relax a bit.

i feel like i need the sun to go out and walk around, take photographs, etc..

i've been seeing beautiful polaroids everywhere lately
and i've been starring at these ones of my mom i have in the walls of the new flat. 
i have the polaroid camera that took  these very photos back in portugal. my grandmother gave it to me a few years ago. i don't think it works, but i should try to put some batteries on and give it a go!


  1. sim,experimenta!

    eu tenho pena que os cartuchos estejam ao preço do ouro e que infelizmente as polaroids fora do prazo não se aguentem mesmo nada :/

  2. these polas are indeed beautiful, dear Joana!
    I'm sure you'll have some very sunny and warm days in Portugal!
    I totally understand how you feel about the sun and taking photographs: I also feel like I would like to see some colours before going back to take pictures!

  3. Lovely garden! Your mum is very beautiful. My grandfather gave me a whole bunch of old cameras too and it was fun trying them out. Most of them didn't work so well though.