it feels homy to be home

i arrived at home yesterday in the end of the afternoon. 
benny, the cat, was very vocal about how he missed me. i missed him too.
 i was also greeted with a letter from hermine in the mail!
the summer trip were a glorious 10 days of exploring new places, and admiring the beauty in portugal's natural places, as well as constructed ones.
a trip that didn't fall short on emotions. a wide range of them.

as i cuddled into my comfy bed i turned on my laptop to watch a few familiar movies. 
something i do almost every day and hadn't done since leaving.

i thought i'd share a few favorite of mine and maybe you can introduce me to some of yours.

animations by sylvain chomet:
les triplettes de belleville (excerpt 1)  .  les triplettes de belleville (excerpt 2)  .  la vieille dame et les pigeons (excerpt)

his drawings are amazing and so are the storylines that support them.

shorts by jan svankmajer:
meat love  .  picnic  .  a game with stones

i really like how he twists everyday actions and objects and makes them interesting to watch.
 i didcovered him by accident, with his movie the conspirators of pleasure, that till this day remains the work i love the best.

and of course, delicatessen by  jean-pierre jeunet & marc caro - my absolute favorite!


  1. welcome back home!

    thank you for the movies suggestion. I knew the sylvain chomet's animations, but I haven't seen the others you've mentioned here and I think I will watch them soon :)

  2. yayy. you're back :) i liked the animations. i watched sylvain chomet's l'illusioniste few weeks back. it was lovely. i also saw an animation that reminded me of your blog's name...because it had an opinion on green color: http://www.vimeo.com/27003856

  3. Welcome back!!!

    I nearly screamed when I noticed you posted a clip from "The Triplets of Bellville". I love it for its use of very little dialogue. I've been watching a few of Svankmajer's films for a while now. Watch his films "Alice" and "The Ossuary and Other tales", if you didn't yet. Both are very surreal and just as creative! You might like it. :)

  4. emilia - that was actualy the next movie to watch on my list! and thanks for the link. cute fluffy animation!

    alexandria - i have, actually! love them, although alice was the one i liked the less. for a long time i was obsessed with watching everything jan svankmajer had made, and i watched everything i was able to...

  5. thanks for the movies, i have seen some of them, indeed, they are amazing, but i love your blog name , because i also love green,or blue -- the color of sky.

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