still in outão

there was a curious incident at the beach. 
it was crowded, and we were really close to everyone. but specially to this huge family, with lots of kids.
 they would go to the shore with goggles and bring back little hermit crabs.
you could see the happiness and excitment in their faces, still with goggles, everytime they catched one.
i had never seen one before, and the kids were more than happy to tell us all about it, pick them up, and put them in our hands. 
as they got out of their shells the most wonderufl ticklish feeling invaded my hand.
it was such a nice treat in this little trip.


  1. Wow, how cool! they are so little! xo

  2. wow cool tiny crab :D

  3. wow *_* I have never seen such small creatures before! they look sensational.

  4. wow in normandy this summer we spend a lot of time to observe them when the sea went down. In France they have a funny name, they are called Bernard l'Hermite... ;D