stop 4: outão

we had to revisit the arrábida region. i was completely blown away with the 1st glimpe of it, last year, and there was absolutely no way i would miss it this year.
the camping site was better than perfect. just by the sea, looking over the island of tróia, and the city od setúbal.
the sun would start rising at 6am, from the sea, illuminating our glorious view with golden light.
this would make anyone wake up with a smile.
on the opposite side, majestic trees sheltered the noise from the road.
we had everything we wanted there. places to see, the beach, and a beautiful place to sleep.


  1. Your photography is so gorgeous, following you :) xo

  2. such a calm atmosphere :) where the leaves of the trees really orange or is it the light?

  3. thanks katie!
    emilia - the trees were a soft green/yellow, but it was the morning light that ade them almost golden :)

  4. oh. i love the first one. the invasion of boats going nowhere... and number two i like even more. the houses are ugly yet beautiful, not what you expect in a horizon by sunset...

  5. absolutely the best camping site I have ever seen!

  6. Looks like you had some great sights to wake up to!