getting old

as i went to the supermaket to buy some salmon for tonight's dinner, i was greeted with a huge amount of school parafernalia.
and it took me back to the time i longed to go buy school materials. to get the new backpack, the new pencils, pens and markers, and a new case for them. the notebooks.
i miss it.
it makes me feel old that i don't have to buy those things. 
just not quite as old as these ruins


  1. buying new stationary was my favourite part of the school year! i work part time at a cheap shop and stocking the stationary isle is my favourite. hmm... on par with confectionary.

  2. I totally understand that feeling. and it was so much easier to have friends in school. university isn't really a place for friends... at least not in Finland :(

  3. i was feeling something of the same today - we went running in the early morning and for the first time this year the streets were filled up with schoolchildren. it made me think of all of those years when i was one of them...

  4. Amazing pictures again Joana. I too long for the feeling when the school starts and you buy the new pens..now a days the problem is that i have too many pens and there is just no excuse to buy more :,(
    And I totally disagree with Polly since i've made lots of great and dear friends at the university in Finland. But i guess it can depend on what subject you're studying.

  5. awesome pic's! love the colors