between stop 2 and stop 3

while on the road, along the vicentine coast, we stopped whenever a beautiful sight caught our eyes.
 it was the case with this windmill. 
althought it was completely still, there was this nice breeze, that counteracted the strong heat.
 there's something very relaxing about the (characteristic) white architecture against the strong blue sky. 
maybe half an hour later, we spotted milfontes
compeltely unfamiliar to me, but truly lovely and peaceful. 
we could see a family enjoying the sun and water in that hot day. some were walking in the river banks, while the rest of them stayed inside the boat.
in that moment i wished i was right there next to them.


  1. these photos are sublime.

  2. I just want to fly over there now. so summery! over here it is almost autumn now...

  3. Lovely photos, how did you manage to get that vintage effect? They look like postcards from the 70s

  4. Anonymous24/8/11

    fantástico! que bom, também és portuguesa. e tens aqui coisas geniais. posso perguntar-te que máquinas usas?

  5. ah pois sou! obrigada!
    regra geral uso uma praktica ltl, mas volta e meia pego na minha minolta hi-matic7 ou na zenit b do meu namorado...

  6. there are some effects for you to choose , i also love this color , which is quite old and full of memory.

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  7. que lindas joana!