i've had a lot on my mind lately.
sometimes i wish i had a cat's life. and nothing to worry about.
or even a pigeon's life.


  1. great images Joana! don`t worry too much :)

  2. that first photo is so beautiful! you know, I adore pigeons!
    I hope these stressful days will pass away soon!

  3. The last picture is cute. The stressful days go by and then you can enjoy the quiet lot. Soon!

  4. Oh! I completely understand...
    Hope the stress subsides real soon!!! :*

  5. But if you'd be a pigeon , you wouldn't take pictures with lovely green and blue tones, and you wouldn't write things that touch others. So I'm glad that you are not a pigeon or a cat and I hope that life will get easier. It always does after some time.

  6. I feel exactly the same right now, so I guess I can understand you.
    By the way, I spent a week in Lisbon last week.... A-MA-ZING ! A real, pleasant surprise. I will put some pictures on my blog as soon as I pick them up from the lab :)
    Have a nice day.