today i stayed home... the wintery weather took its toll on me and i have a flu...
it's the second time since arriving in paris... two times more than i normally have in portugal!

and the two lions i loved so much at joana vasconcelos' exhibition at versailles...


  1. I love this picture! The lions are really beautiful. Too bad I didn't get to see the exhibition.
    And I hope you'll recover soon :) I still haven't been sick in Oslo, I hope it will stay that way ;)

  2. The lions look amazing.
    Get well soon. The only thing bout winter i don't like is i catch cold pretty easily:)

  3. I also love this picture and I wish I was there.. mmm :)

  4. those lions are superb. I understand why you love them so much! :-)

    sorry to hear you've got the flu, though! :-( I hope you'll feel better soon and that you have something nice to read to pass the time at home!

  5. This exhibit must have been wonderful, I love those lions too, they look amazing...
    And get well soon!

  6. What beautiful and elegant felines!
    Hope you feel better soon! :*

  7. I hope you feeling better now!