today it rained and i stayed the whole day inside the house... and thankfully i'm almost done with the flu.
the sky has been grey, and i'm feeling the urge to document the the greyness of paris with my camera.
but i think i'll walk by the river tomorrow. i've noticed on the train on the way home that the trees are beginning to change colors :) the greens are now intercalated with some reds and browns!

in july i went to le corbusier's apartment :)  my camera wasn't very cooperative with the small spaces... so i ended up shootting only details.

by accident, tó peeked out of a window and saw a nest with a weird bird... it looked more like a duck actually...


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, Joana!

    What a lovely bird!

  2. Anonymous7/10/12

    It looks like a baby pigeon!

    1. thanks for letting me know... i had no idea they looked like this as babies!

  3. yes, this is a pigeon ... I found one once, I tried to rescue him but didn't succeed :(
    They are not the prettiest baby birds haha. Lovely pictures of Le Corbusier apartment .. I have yet to visit it.

  4. I've never visited Le Corbusier apartments but your view of it, those lovely details, make me want to visit it.

  5. I love photographs of details, you know?
    and that one of the bird is adorable!
    I wonder too which kind of bird could it be...

    p.s. I cannot wait to see the photographs of your walk by the river! :-)

  6. Ainda bem que recuperaste da constipação.

    O Porto hoje está mergulhado numa daquelas brumas fantásticas,parece um sonho :tudo branco,com o nevoeiro a revelar aqui e ali os prédios.
    Vou tentar fotografar!

  7. And the pictures are wonderful,like always <3