today, like most of the week, the morning started out incredibly foggy.
it feels as autumn is already here, but only in the mornings.
the process of eating breakfest is so much nicer and warmer.
i can finally justify my addiction to blankets.
there's something very cozy about autumn...
i just wish i wasn't getting sick at the same time...


  1. I love the autumn (& the blankets) too :)

  2. yes .. definitely one wants to relax after work and does not constitute a taste ... Definitely not just you ... I also I like film negatives :)
    PS: thank you for your comment

  3. I understand your feelings about autumn... I just wish it would have been less rainy in Finland. But we do get beautiful sunny days as well.
    beautiful image, by the way!

  4. Awwh i hope you feel better soon and i really love Autumn. I find the days better and more comfortable. And wow i haven't seen in a fog in months, i miss seeing it early in the morning when i wake up!

  5. lovely lovely atmosphere. i can't stop trying to figure out what the person (or is it a person?) in the picture is doing.

  6. oh you are an architecture student ? That's funny I am too ! This chapel by Botta was one (if not the one) of the most beautiful building I've ever seen. I think the contest was a part of why I liked it so much, but seriously it was perfect in every way.