the love story

as a little girl i didn't care much about portugal's history classes.
but there's one that got stuck in my memory from the very 1st time i heard it.
it was the story about pedro and inês' love.
a story that is both passionated and a little morbid.

as i walked around their tombs, in alcobaças' monastery, i couldn't feel the love in that space. 
what i could feel, however, was this overwhealming sensation of peace.
and the realization that sometimes stories that sound like a fairytale are indeed true.


  1. What a tragic story! I couldn't help but get teary eyed.

    Lovely pictures, dear! Her tomb is so beautiful and fit for a Queen.

  2. indeed a very intense story! I love history when it comes down to this "minor" facts... if you know what I mean.