cats and shale

during our little trip to shale villages, we were treated with the company of  alot of stray cats. they were on all three villages.
i was absolutely delighted.
and they were all reminiscent of siamese cats, strangely enough.
the pavements were ponctuated with little bowls that had food and water, and next to a restaurant they were the lords of roasted cod leftovers.
it must be heaven for these cats.


  1. it is so wonderful to read that the people of the village are taking care of the cats. it breaks my heart to see stray animals and realize that they are not doing well... but in this case, it seems like they are there to make the streets a nicer place :)

  2. polly - that's so true. it breaks my heart to see an animal struggling in the streets as well. but even worse than that is to see a pet being mistreated... that's just untolerable!