2011 in photos and a few words

after seeing year reviews in a couple of blogs i decided i should do the same. it just helps to put everything into perspective. so here's my 2011 (by month):

january: sousa's birthday and a trip to vigo
 february: paris
march: long walks by the seaside 
 april: usual benny means a lot of cleaning and a lot of cuddling
may: going to places and garden almost forgotten 
 june: enjoying the blazing sun in parks (and abbandoned mental hospitals)
july: a  trip to drave - beautiful sights and lagoon, and consequent shoulder sunbun 
 august: exploring the coast of portugal and camping
september: a three day trip and four of the most picturesque little villages i've seen to date
october: farewell to olga by the sea. and a trip to buçaco.
november: a visit to see silvia's new puppy - zazu (and minus a zenit b)
 december: master thesis done and plenty of free time to walk by the sea :)

i've got to say 2011 has been a terrific year!
for 2012 i'm hoping i finally get my masters diploma (that's a done deal!), a wonderful job for tó and i, preferably in switzerland... and finding the lab where i left 4 rolls of film from the trip to buçaco finally open (the damn place is completely closed for at least two months... !)
is that to much to hope for?

happy new year everyone!


  1. beautiful retrospective!

    the lab has been closed for 2 months?!?! it would drive me crazy.

    i wish you a happy end of the year :)

  2. I love your works so much! :D

  3. just perfect :-)

    I am glad I have started following your blog in 2011!

    Have a happy new year, Joana :-)

  4. what a wonderful 2011 <3

    happy new year! :)

  5. I really like your review. Many happy memories, and especially a lot of nice pictures.
    I hope 2012 will be another good year and I keep my fingers crossed for your Master's degree.

  6. Happy new year to you too, even though in advance :)
    So, you want to work in Switzerland ? I completely understand that, the quality of the architecture there is mind blowing. I wish I could go back and see all the buildings I didn't have time to see in september.
    Anyway, enjoy your free time ! It's too rare ;)

  7. really nice year
    full of adventures
    I wish you a happy new year

  8. Anonymous30/12/11

    such beautiful pictures!
    I wish you to all the best for the new year

  9. looks like a beautiful year. hope your 2012 will be even better!

  10. This is a lovely retrospective of your year! Hope 2012 will be as beautiful for you as these pictures!!

    And OH MY GOD! the lab is still closed??!!!! Two months, that's a nightmare!

  11. Anonymous2/1/12

    Beautiful photographs =)

  12. Happy new year Joana !

  13. gorgeous pics. love them all. your 2011 was awesome, im jealous :) xxx


  14. It looks beautiful where you live. Your october picture is my favorite, it's so calm. Happy January!

  15. such beautiful photos! i am in love

  16. looks wonderful - great post!
    wish you an even better 2012 :-)

  17. love this idea of a retrospective ! Great review :) You're lucky to travel... I miss that so much !