after such a long time i've finally finished my master's dissertation.
i'm oh so happy i can finally put it behind me. i feel like dancing!
oh lord, i can't even imagine how sweet will be this night's sleep...
tomorrow morning it's off to the printer for the final 8 copies.
a coule of months with absolutely nothing to do except finnishing my (98% finished) portfolio, and an international archtitecture competition just to prevent rust (and the feeling of being a waste of life), will follow.
what a bliss.

i really feel like revisiting this place. how convenient i have free time :)


  1. Congratulations. This is wonderful, right? A thick chunk of falling from the shoulders.
    Have a nice time now.

  2. congratulations! enjoy your freedom!

  3. congratulations Joana! :-) I wish I was in your place!
    I bet you'll have the best xmas holidays ever now!

  4. wonderful! congratulations! and yes, i think polly is exactly right - christmas will be extra nice this year for you :)

  5. Congratulations ! I am writing a doctoral thesis, so I understand completely about what you speak... I felt the same thing four years ago...but now I am again in the wait ^^

  6. thank you all! exactly! that's what everybody from college is telling be. this will be an extra sweet christmas :)

    birdie - i'm impressed. after this experience i don't plan on writting another scientific book at all... but good luck to you!

  7. Congrats!!!!
    How exciting and wonderful to have a couple months of freedom, adventure, and creativity! heeheee ;D

  8. congratulations joana! that must be fantastic... horray!

  9. Yay! Congratulations on finishing. What a sweet accomplishment. I love the photo.

  10. Oh I'm curious, can I ask you what was the subject ? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I'd completely understand.
    I'm really anxious about it, I'll have to start writing it next year and as I will be abroad, i'm afraid it will be quite difficult ...

  11. his title was 'about the racional and disciplinary nature of architecture: from the (conceptual) language to the practical vision of the project'
    big title... i know!
    he basically explained, using history and architectural movements, how a project was approached - in respect of its methodology and values - and what changed throughout the years. he also also discussed the importance of concepts such as 'genius loci' and typology.

    i, on the other hand, took a more practical approach. i wrote about 'the circule as a form of living' - explaining the geometry and symbologies the circular shape has had in architecture throughout time, and then focusing on housing. i analysed mainly the renaisscance and the neoclassism, primitive / vernacular architectures (using 4 tribes around the world)and then some contemporary examples of circular houses (i love mario botta!).

    but the subject can vary so so much from person to person. all i can advise you is to choose something you're really really interested and curious about. it can take so long to write it that you can get somewhat unmotivated after a while.

    hope this helps :)

  12. Both subjects seem so interesting.
    How long did it take to write them ? (sorry about my questions haha, I'm too curious)

    I'm always fascinated by the subjects people choose, because as you say they can be so different and sometimes you "discover" subjects you didn't even think about.
    I have nothing that passionates me for the moment, but I guess with some time and research I'll find something that interest me enough to write about it !
    Thank a lot for your answer <3 (somehow my answer didn't appear when I tried to post it some days ago)

  13. no problem :)
    it took him a year and me over 1 and 1/2 years...
    i'm sure you'll find something that truly fascinates you! good luck on the quest :)