tea house

it all went great. he has his masters in architecture, and a good grade!
we had a celebration dinner with close friends and had a drink afterwards.
we intended to enjoy a walk outside the next day, but it's just so cold out.
it's already 12ºC, it's windy and sometimes rainy. 
instead we went to siza's tea house for a hot drink.
it is my absolute favorite place to be if it's windy outside. the warm and cozyness inside, with lovely music playing, and the view of a stormy sea hitting the rocks around the tea house.
it was wonderful.


  1. I am happy that everything went great!
    but 12°C isn't that cold ;-)

  2. oh it is! specially if there's strong wind combined...

  3. Awwh wow congrats to him for finishing his masters and getting good grades! what an achievement :) i envy architecture students, it's like when do they ever get sleep!?

    Getting tea in that weather is definitely a good idea

  4. oh my, yes i wish it were still 12C here! instead we have 3C and that is still considered warm for this time of year ;) the wind is smashing the rain against the windows and there are branches broken from trees - a storm! nothing to do but cozy up here inside with some nice music and a good book, and pour another cup of coffee :)

  5. Happy for him & you ! This place looks great :)