zenit's last

these were the last shots i took before falling on my ass and breaking his zenit b.


  1. i'm sorry that i laughed at your description of these pictures. i probably haven't told you that i like the way you write as much as i love your pictures. i love the poetic honesty of your words. and i'm sorry for the camera.

  2. oh too bad it broke down :-(
    did he ever get it fixed?

    what a majestic peacock!

  3. The first photo is gorgeous. It looks so peaceful, beautiful park. I'm sorry for the camera.

  4. emilia - don't worry, i laughed too after falling. it was an epic slip :)

    polly - he doesn't use it. he prefers to use his canon ae1. but i will take care of it in a month or two.
    you'd love that park! there are always so many peacocks (and chickens, ducks, etc...) running around :)

    kristin - thank you!

  5. well at least the shots were worth it :-)
    lovely set!